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Troye Cottage

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Troye Cottage, at 32 Whielden Street, is a few doors from the Saracen’s Head Inn.


It is a timber-framed, terraced house. Although the timber-frame is not obvious from the street, because it is mostly hidden by a later brick frontage, it is visible in several of the rooms. Three of the rooms have fireplaces across the corner (one an inglenook). Such corner fireplaces seem quite common in Amersham but relatively unusual elsewhere. There is a small cellar (at one time used as a coal cellar) with an odd unglazed “sump” set into the floor at one corner, which sometimes fills up with water. We assume from the style that the house was built in about 1600, with the brick frontage added about a hundred years later, but so far have been unable to obtain any documentary evidence.


The house is certainly shown on A map of Agmondesham (1742) and at the time was not part of the Drake family estate. This is supported by the fact that it was not listed in the auction catalogue of the great sale of the Drake properties (including many in Whielden Street) on 31st May1928. However, it was owned by a member of that family, Edward Thomas Tyrwhitt Drake at least from 1926, then passing on his death, in 1933, to his cousin Thomas Tyrwhitt Drake. On the latter’s death (22nd March 1956) it was sold (17th July 1957) by his Executors … for £600 !


The census records for the house, listing names, ages and occupations of its inhabitants, give a fascinating insight into Victorian England.


Census 1841

James Bateman, 76, corn dealer;

John Harrison, 35, tailor;

Ann Harrison, 30;

William Harrison, 2


Census 1851

Benjamin Baker, 39, journeyman tailor;

Julia Baker, 33;

Eliza Baker, 13;

Julia Baker, 1;

Elizabeth Douglas, 75


Census 1861

Benjamin Barker, 50, tailor;

Julia Barker, 42;

Eliza Barker, 22, dressmaker;

Julia Sophia Barker, 6.


Census 1871

Benjamin Barker, 58, tailor;

Julia Barker, 52;

Eliza Barker, 30, dressmaker;

Julia Sophia Barker, 16 dressmaker.


Census 1881

Frederick Plan, 33, plumber;

Eliza Plan, 33;

Ada Plan, 7;

Edith Plan, 5;

Alice Plan, 2.


Census 1891

William Marshall, 32, plumber;

Maria Elizabeth Marshall, 31;

Sarah Elizabeth Marshall, 8;

Charles William Marshall, 7;

? Kate Marshall, 3;

Jessie Phoebe Marshall, 1.


Census 1901

John H Line, 49, wheelwright;

Mary A Line, 50;

Ernest H Line, 23, plumber's mate;

Jesse Line, 19, taylor;

Leonard E Line, 18, labourer in malthouse;

Rose I Line, 12.



Peter & Marian Borrows

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